Thursday, June 05, 2008

Five Busters of the Budget Game

I was tagged by my blog friend Jessica to do the 5 Budget Buster Meme. The rules are simple:

"The rules of the challenge are that you have to tag 3 people to carry it on and link back to the person who tagged you. Please also use the graphic at the top of this post. You can link to it or copy and paste it."

You are supposed to list five different things that challenge or bust your budget. We don't really have a set budget (shame, shame), but there are a few things that I know I spend too much on! My Five Budget Busters are:

1. Internet/Cable TV. I know, cable is really Adam's budget buster, but I really love having the Internet! Not only does it cost SOO much, but it also eats up so much of my valuable time.

2. Kohl's. I love Kohl's and every time I go there, I seem to spend too much money. And they always have sales, which inspire even more spontaneous spending.

3. CVS. I was recently encouraged (ahem) to get a CVS card and start saving! Well, I can't seem to get the good deals quite right and I think I've actually spent more money than I have saved. So this budget buster is working the opposite of that which it is supposed to.

4. Clearance racks. Keep me away from those! One good way to spend money that I shouldn't be spending is to find a really good deal on something that I really don't need!

5. Baby food. Okay, I was having a hard time thinking of five and my Mom suggested this one. After all, if one has a baby food mill and tasty things to eat, why should she need to buy jarred baby food and special baby juice and snacks? Shouldn't I be saving many $$$ by making my own baby food? Josh would be just as pleased with eating home-made food as he is the jarred stuff. So therefore baby food is a budget buster.

There must be other things that should be on this list. After all, we had a special guest at our church on Sunday from Gospel for Asia (GFA) who said that $1 could pay to have 200 tracts printed. The average tract in India is read ten times, meaning that $1's worth of tracts could reach 2,000 people with the gospel. Got me thinking about the worthless things that I have spent $1 on. I wonder how many people could've heard about the love of Christ with the money I have needlessly spent this past week?

The three people I will tag are:

Hmmm. I think I may pass on tagging. I'm just horrible at the game of tag and besides I'm too hot and sweaty to play. (Yea! That means it is finally summer! Woo-Hoot!!)


Jessica Morris said...

*ahem* eh?! Lol, I am sorry CVS isn't working out!!

Have you looked at She lists scenarios that you can do to not loose money ;)
If you search through her posts too she has instructions on how to get a $3 off $15 purchase that you can print multiple times and use once per transaction. I think it's on page 2 now.

Martha said...

1. I live in the USA which means I spend way too much on needless, piddly little things which profit me nothing.

2. Goodies. We keep saying we need to change our eating habits but everyone is always looking for Ice cream, chips, cookies,...

3. Gasoline. Need I say more?

4. Movies. When there is nothing good on TV we run out to Blockbuster or the library to find something "good" to waste our braincells on. :)

5. Walmart. Must stay away from there. I always find something to spend my money on. Same for the grocery store.

hannah said...

I don't have any money to spend anyway and when I do I spend it on camp, shirts, pants, socks, and other things that I might be "needing".