Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Glimpse Into the Life of Josh

I had to share a few pictures from our day today with you. Josh was sick yesterday (his first time with a fever), so his nose is a bit runny in the pictures. (Nobody worry, he's dong fine today.) He's getting so big and doing so many fun things! His latest thing is standing up all by himself and I know walking isn't too far away anymore. He's also been sticking out his tongue non-stop, just like a little puppy dog. It doesn't help with the drooling and his shirts are always soaked from slobbering. But, as you can see, life hasn't slowed down around here!

My little puppy dog.
Ready to go out and play.
A taste of Mom's blackberry pie.
Playing in the yard.
Playing is a serious thing.
"Don't hug me when I'm cranky!"
I love to tease him. :)


Martha said...

Cute pictures!

hannah said...

Nice pics, Beth, but who's Jsoh?

Allen said...

Good pics. josh is always quite funny.

Rachel said...

I love the little Levi's! Steven and Michael had several pairs when they were little, but now they don't seem to fit them right.

I love all of the pictures! Are those new glasses you have on? I didn't know you wore glasses.

Bethany said...

I've had the glasses since February-ish, but I've worn contacts for-ev-er.

Sherri said...

my kids have runny noses too, is this a CC webster thing, already?! i love the tongue! also a believe teasing your children is a good thing, it prepares them for new siblings :)

Priscilla said...

That first picture looks a lot like his Uncle David.

Michelle said...

Hi Bethany, just checking in again to see what size Josh is wearing these days. I still have the clothes for you, maybe we can get-together in Sept.???

Joe Fool said...

I missed this post before. Joshy is a groovy dude.