Wednesday, September 24, 2008

See, this is how my life goes as of late.

Sept. 16th- Daycare til 5:00
Sept. 17th- Restaurant stuff till 2ish and church at 7:00
Sept. 18th- Daycare til 5:00 and tot swim at 6:30
Sept. 19th- Clean house, play with Josh, drive to Child Care Council to have fingerprinting done, drive from there to church to try my best to sing harmony with the worship team, fail miserably and go home.
Sept. 20th- Go to local big garage sale day in small historic hamlet and then go see about wallpaper.
Sept. 21st- Church morning and evening
Sept. 22nd- Wallpaper ALL day long at Children's Pastor's house
Sept. 23rd- Daycare til 5:00
Sept. 24th- Restaurant stuff til 3ish, try to catch up at home.
Sept.25th- Daycare til 5:00, TOT SWIM CANCELED!!!
Sept. 26th- Finish wallpaper and go to worship team practice to do better singing harmony.
Sept. 27th- Spend time with my husband at a Sabres game in Buffalo.

And you wonder where I have been. Now I must go and see about tomorrow's Kindergarten lesson as I have been trying to teach good health habits to three Kindergartners at Daycare. I could really use some magazines with pictures of food that could be pasted onto our food pyramid.

Oh, and Josh has hair. It is great and grows more every day. And he wanders around the house like he is two. Walking here and there. I am still amazed.


Jessica Morris said...

WOW - you are so busy!!! Do you feel like it is as hectic as it sounds?!

Bethany said...

YES! I am going crazy!! I want my life back, but don't know what to cut... Instead I keep adding more! It'll be great when I really have Mondays and Fridays to just me and Josh. And if I could only keep my house clean, I'd feel SO much better. :P

Martha said...

Just say "no".
When you find out that you really are losing it, for me it was waking up when I dreamed the phone was ringing..., then you'll be able to say it.
If you can't say no yourself, you have your husband do it for you.

Rachel said...

You sound like a busy girl! Like your mom said, you have to learn to say no, that's something I've always had a hard time doing.

Heather said...

Wow, Bethany, that is soooo much! I'm with your Mom. If you are having trouble saying no, ask Adam what he thinks and you can always use him to be the no-sayer for you:) I think both your Mom and I have had to do this in the past.