Monday, September 15, 2008

Time For This and Time For That

Time. It needs stretching. Nap time, bed time, time for this and time for that. If there was always plenty of time, I would never get anything done. Odd as that may sound, it is true. I only am motivated to do things when time is limited or quickly fleeting. For instance, on Saturday evening we were expecting dinner company. Friday was "filled" with grocery shopping and Saturday morning there was a Ladies Prayer Breakfast at church, which I felt that I should attend. That left me Saturday afternoon (and a total of five hours) to clean my house and make dinner. Since I hadn't been home ALL week, pretty much everything had to be cleaned. But because time was quickly running out, I was able to apply myself to the task and get it all done, including laundry, with the much needed help of nap time for a small boy. I felt so rewarded when it was finished. Like I had really accomplished something. It is silly, I guess, because it is not like I did some sort of extra or over-the-top deed. I did what should've been done earlier in the week, but had just been put off till last minute. A terrible habit it is to put things off. Perhaps that is why I always feel guilty writing on my blog... There is this persistent nagging in the back of my brain telling me all these things which I should be doing instead. One of which today happens to be making sauce form the tomatoes in my garden. I have never made sauce and am slightly intimidated by the thought of doing so, but if I put it off too long, I will regret not getting to it. And watching all those plump tomatoes rot will be a sad reminder of my shortcoming. Perhaps I will remove myself from my seat and get to that which has not yet been done.

But first, I will tell of lovely things which take place in the home of a child under the age of one. Joshua, my little 10 1/2 month old Joshua, is walking. He smiles so broadly when he does so, so proud of himself. His little steps. Tottering across the floor. Tipping onto his bum. So adorable. *smile* And his hair is finally growing! It can be "blown" in the wind and messed with our hands. Every other day I smooth it with the palms of my hands and smile to myself because I can tell it has grown some more. My bald baby will soon have a head full of hair. Josh said "kitty" the other day. He loves our kitty, Louis. He has also said "doggy", "ball" and "Daddy". And I'm pretty sure he said "yes" one day too. The four things Joshua loves the most in the world are his Daddy, kitties, doggies and his ball. I guess I must be on the list somewhere too, but I'm not entirely sure where I fit... *Sigh* I love being a Mom.


Heather said...

It is well worth your time to blog because I need to be kept up to date on the happenings of one Bethany and her little boy Joshua!!

I can't believe he's walking. It must be so adorable. Maybe a video???:)

Priscilla said...

I'm sure you are tops on his list...just because he isn't saying your name doesn't mean anything. You know how males struggle with expressing their feelings!

I can totally relate to the concept of having less time...but somehow using it most efficiently. The more time I have, the more time I waste!

Rachel said...

I love being a mommy too, although I do have my moments of insanity. I also get much satisfaction from completed chores.

Martha said...

Rachel, do you actually complete chores? That must be so cool!