Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Wet

Bath time sure is one of our favorite times around here. Josh doesn't need too many things in there to keep him happy either. Lately he's been perfectly content with an empty soap bottle, though he hasn't yet figured out how to squeeze water in and out of it. It won't be long before he's squeezing water out of the tub at me. That'll be better than getting peed on, I think. Quite frequently, as he is waiting to get in the tub (or when he just gets out, like tonight) he lets loose all over my feet. Gross. At least it's not poop, right?

On another note, can you see the molar back in Josh's mouth? He cut all four molars this past month, as well as his incisors. Now I can trust him to eat bigger bites. :)


Martha said...

I wim wike a wif in da wawee!

Joe Fool said...

At least you take kind bathroom pictures, unlike SOME people I know.

Martha said...

I took kind bathroom photos. That was someone else who took the "hiney" picture. Who did that anyhow?

Rachel said...

Martha, you crack me up!

Josh sure looks happy sitting in that warm water!

~Jordyn said...

Aw thank you your boy looks so sweet too!

And I just found out after buying my jeans that I can't even wear them to a party I want to go too because my sweater is black and sadly I only have brown boots. I can't even wear any other black shoes because it would look stupid with skinny jeans so I have resorted back to wearing my old jeans. At least for tomorrow.

You're right it's probably not worth all the effort to be stylish.If I didn't have three awesome looking sister in laws I might not care so much, but I always feel like I'm in competetion to look good... so yeah lol.

Wanda said...

What a doll!!