Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Few Words

Just a few words to say... It is late, and I have been avoiding my blog because it is neglected... Again. But cheers to all!

We have bought a new car. (HOORAY!) This time we did not get a SUV, though I will miss mine terribly (and still look with longing at any Ford Escape that goes by...), but a Honda Accord. I already love it and have a hard time believing that it it the car that I drive. Yes, it is just. that. pretty. It's a 2006 and a really nice color. They call the color graphite, which makes complete sense. It's strange though, when I drive it, I have this very increased paranoia of getting in an accident. Just being honest here. I never used to feel that way when I drove my first couple of cars. But now I feel extra vulnerable. Wouldn't have anything to do with being in an accident already, would it? Hmmm..... During our search for a vehicle, we did briefly mention minivans, but neither Adam or I were ready to feel just so "old". And, although, we would looove more kids, we are just not sure when God will see fit to so bless us with another addition. So we felt it was okay to get a car. Save gas, save time, save money. (Okay, I just threw the save time in there for fun.) I'll put up a picture when I get around to it. (That is one way of saying "no grarantees.)

Onto another pleasant subject... Gardens. :) I can't help but smile. I love flowers. I love greens. I love the dirt.

I'm sorry, but I had to take a slight detour from the garden topic. As I sit and type, I hear a "choo-choo" coming from Joshua's room. He keeps several books in his bed that make noise. I am not sure if he rolled in his sleep or if he is still up (hopefully not the latter), but his Thomas the Train Engine Book was chooing. Josh loves trains. On our way to daycare a week or two ago, we had the very good fortune of being stopped at a train crossing. This very rarely happens on this particular road, and to make it even better, we were first in line. So this train engine comes by with one car, tooting and chooing and making train-like noises... Josh was fascinated. I think that train made his day. It was great. For the next 15 minutes of drive time, Josh sat in the back "choo-chooing" all the way. And a few days later, my Aunt gives us her kids' old Brio train set. Wooden tracks, little trains, bridges, and farm animals. Perfect timing. What a great toy. Growing up, we had a set almost identical, and all through our childhood years my brothers and I would set up elaborate towns, tracks, roads, homes... The works. So I am glad to have the opportunity to plays trains with Joshua now. He already loves the train engines and will walk around the house going "choo-choo". Good old classic toys...

Well, the garden stories will have to wait. It is late and sleep is calling. Keep praying for Stephanie. She hasn't had her baby yet. Her water broke last night at 8:00pm and at 7:30 this evening she was still only 2 cm dialated, according to her brothers' facebook. I am so anxious... I wish I knew how she was doing. I cannot imagine being in labor for so long. Josh came so quick. I hope she is doing okay and getting some rest between contractions...

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Martha said...

I have been thinking of Steph too.

It will be fun for you to add pieces to your train set. Maybe Kat can take you out to Skeaneatlis (I can't spell that) where my train set came from. They used to have good deals for teachers and daycare providers. Ask her about it.