Monday, October 19, 2009

A Farm Market Sort of Day

I was going to clean my house today. At least that is what I had in mind before I climbed out of bed and found the sky to be, oh so blue, outside today. The outdoors look rather inviting, so I threw any plans I had made to stay in and clean, right in the garbage. I called my Mom and practically dragged her and the girls she babysits to the farm market. It was the perfect sort of fall day for playing. The farm market has all sorts of "playing" things. There is a wooden train, a wooden castle and a wooden big-wheeler. I'm not sure which Josh liked best, the train or the big-wheeler. The sand box was a big hit. I think the three kids (or should I say four?) spent the most time digging in there, making castles and footprints. Josh and I took a walk in the maze with Grandma, but Josh didn't care for the "flowers" that hung low in his face. (The flowers were actually the long grass bending down into his line of vision, which kept hitting him in the face.) I let him lead the way through the maze, and a"maze"ingly enough, we actually found the exit. I am so glad we didn't stay at home all day on such a beautiful sunny day. I really need to make more of an effort to get out in the sun throughout the year. There is so much for us to enjoy around here! And the house can always be cleaned later... Or not. ;)


Martha said...

Lovely, just lovely!

I had a wonderful time! Wasn't quite sure which pictures to post, so I put up a bunch.

joeks said...

I'd say that you made absolutely the best choice!