Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Ready

It's just about that time of night where I begin to feel like turning in. Sleep is creeping into my bones and the urge to lie down and shut my eyes becomes stronger with each passing moment. We saw this little boy at the grocery store a week or two ago and it reminded me of a photo my Mom had of one of my brothers, taken many years ago. He looked so peaceful and sweet, I couldn't help but take a photo of him.

My brain is also tired tonight. I've been thinking all day. We have invited some friends over for a little birthday party tomorrow. Four little children between 2 and 4 are coming over to play with Josh and celebrate his birthday with him. I am trying to get my act together and at least put on a good show of being organized and prepared. The thing that makes it most difficult is that we have been remodeling our basement and it is just about done (with the exception of painting the stairs). My focus has been mostly on getting the basement ready to hold a mini party and keeping it and the rest of the house clean. Our guests will arrive tomorrow at 11 o'clock and before the 11'th hour, I must roll, cut and bake pumpkin cookies and put lunch together. I think it is a doable task, as long as I get enough sleep in the mean time. So, now I shall turn in and hopefully sleep as peacefully as the little boy who slept during his mother's grocery store visit. (Don'cha just want to pinch his fat little cheeks?)


Martha said...

It's good to know that I actually did teach you something. ;)
I hope your party is a smashing success today! Post pictures!!!

Martha said...

Ummm.... where are the party pictures?

"kingers" I win!!!