Saturday, November 21, 2009


Seems that, this week, I have been getting around to it. For instance, I got around to hanging up some pictures in Josh's room. I got around to moving my piano. I got around to washing my window casings with bleach (they were oh, so moldy!). And I also got around to staining the railing and spindles on our basement stairway. Getting all this extra stuff done around the house just makes me feel, oh, so productive! I like it! Makes me wants to get more stuff done. Like last night, I scraped paint of the window panes of the pretty window I want to hang on my wall. This is the next project I am aiming to complete. Making my house more like a home is my goal. Well honestly, my real goal is to actually complete the projects I had set out to do a long time ago. Hello home make-over!

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Martha said...

My goal is to finish painting my wall, one way or another. How much is a can of flat white?