Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meeting an Old Friend

I wish I was more devoted. Facebook preoccupies my online time. Not that it is excruciatingly fun at the moment. When I declare myself to be in a facebook fast, I blog more. Perhaps I should facebook fast more often?

Last night we moved my piano from Joshua's bedroom to the living room. We redid our basement and took a couch down there, clearing a space for the piano to go into. I very rarely played the piano when it was in Josh's room, but after Josh was in bed last night, I was able to sit down and play for the first time in a long time. I have missed it. I used to play quite often before I got married. When Adam and I got married we lived in an apartment where our neighbor didn't like it too noisy. So I got out of the habit of playing. Yes, my fingers are quite rusty now, as it has been nearly four years since I played regularly. But I plan on sitting down to play much more often, now that it is more obviously situated. I can't wait to get to know those notes again.

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Martha said...

I am looking forward to you getting acquainted again too. I know how much you loved playing the piano and it is such a shame that your friendship has been disrupted these past four years. Yeah for a new place to keep it!