Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Weekend Excersion: Part 1

We spent this last weekend in Toronto, just me, Josh, and Adam. Though this internationally-known city is just over four hours away, I had never before visited it. I had mentioned visiting Toronto a few different times to Adam and he finally decided that we could go. We only had two days to see all that we could see, but I think it was enough with a

The very first thing we did in Toronto (besides pay for parking) was to see the CN tower. We went up to the main floor and checked out the view... Pretty cool! Sad thing was that I thought I had forgotten my camera at home, as I couldn't find it in our suitcase. Thankfully my cell phone has a camera, so I was still able to get a few pictures. We stood on the glass floor and felt the wind whip around our bodies when we peered out over the city, but we did not eat at the fancy revolving restaurant. The view was magnificent.

After the CN Tower, we happened upon a train exhibit right across the street at The Steamwhistle Brewery. It was at the original train station, which had a real round-about. Everything was free and we were able to get inside a real steam engine and a caboose, and check out some other engines and train cars. There was a mini train chugging around the grounds that we were able to ride. Josh insisted that we ride it twice, which of course we did, because it was free. Josh had a marvelous time and thoroughly enjoyed everything about the trains. He was even given a train whistle by one of the guys on the train. He very promptly put that to use on our mini-train ride. Great fun. It's funny, cause I looked up The Steamwhistle's website, but it's all about beer and we were totally not there for beer! We were there because something really cool was going on with all these trains!

I'm amazed at how much we fit into the day on Saturday, because our day didn't stop there!
We also managed to get over to the St. Lawrence Market before it reached 3pm. After paying for more parking, we tucked our now-snoozing boy into his stroller and roamed the market. I always enjoy the public market in Rochester and this one was even more enjoyable, except for the fact that I really couldn't buy much. Adam and I shared the most delicious homemade cheese ravioli with tri-colored sauce (highly recommended!) and found a couple goodies at a bakery for our lunch. We also purchased some delicious honey from New Zealand. Josh slept marvelously the whole time, though we made sure to get him something to eat for when he woke up.

We then found our hotel, paid for more parking, and then proceeded to The Distillery District, where we paid for even more parking. The Distillery District is an artsy area with galleries, shops, restaurants, studios, and more stuff good for browsing. Unfortunately, a lot of the shops were closed by the time we arrived, though we did get to take a peek in a few places. By now, Josh was cranky, Adam was hungry, and I wanted homemade ice cream. We did manage to find somewhere to eat on location, though Josh was the most restless he has ever been while out to eat. He was pretty horrible. It was embarrassing...

We spent the rest of our evening trying to find someplace to eat ice cream. Lesson learned #1: Do not rely on a G.P.S. when it comes to finding a Dairy Queen or any other restaurant. After two+ hours, we finally landed in China Town, where we saw a Dairy Queen and satisfied our ice cream craving.

In order to keep from boring you, I leave you here. More to come shortly.

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clw said...

No exercise! Poor Josh did not get any exercise! After nap time he needed playground time instead of more shopping time.