Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Odd Ramblings of Disconcertion

It's been a weird week so far. Not like bizarre or insane, just not like what was expected. To start the week off, the employees from a local factory that provides work for 300+ people went on strike. Everyone knew this was coming, and I fully support the employee's on this one. For a very profitable company to decrease wages, cut future pensions, and lessen health care coverage for it's loyal workers is just wrong. The only reason the company gives for doing so is that other factories in the Rochester area don't get paid as well as their workers do. It's all about increasing their profit margin at the expense of the workers. (Trust me, if these people were getting paid so much, why don't I see any of them living in lake-front homes or driving Hummers?) Two families who bring their kids to the daycare where I work, work at this factory. Put three check marks in the back of your mind. A couple weeks ago, another mother who brings her son to daycare was "laid-off" because she wanted her boss to give her a reference, as she was going to apply for a town job. Put another check mark down. And today, I come to find out that another parent was fired from their job and this was their daughter's last day at daycare. So we are possibly losing five kids, depending on how long the strike goes on for. These are five little people, who represent a big chunk of how my days happen. It's just an odd thing, to watch so many parent's lose their source of income so close together. I am grateful for how the Lord provides for us all, even when times are tough. I am thankful my man has a job, even though he has had to work late almost every night for the past two weeks. I am thankful for the time that God allows me to have with little people during the week. Sometimes they are tiring, loud, naughty, stubborn, disgusting, grumpy, etc., etc. But I have to remember that God has given me a tiny portion of their lives, to be able to love them the way that He would. To hug them, wipe their noses (and their bottoms), to rock them, to discipline them and to teach them numbers and letter sounds... I have to remember to influence them with a godly love, so they will remember.


Martha said...

Is it still okay to drink Snapple and buy Mott's applesauce?

Emma thought it looked like a party over there today and said she thought they would be eating birthday cake. I found that amusing, more amusing than people with picket signs, giant blow-up rats with bloody fangs, and lawn chairs with shade umbrellas.

"bravest"- good word for today

PS. My week has been rather disconcerting also.

Kate said...

you are so kind and full of grace. And mercy. And love.