Friday, May 21, 2010

A Weekend Visit

This past weekend my good friend Stephanie and her hubby, Stephan, came to visit. They brought their little boy, who is turning one tomorrow. Steph hails from Binghamton, and though it's only two hours away, we see each other rarely. (We have decided that will have to change.) It was the perfect weekend to visit, if you like to be busy. The town where I grew up was having their annual festival and parade AND the Lilac Festival was taking place in Rochester. We took Steph and Stephan to see the parade shortly after they arrived. I think Josh liked it more than baby Tyler did. Josh thought the fire trucks, motorcycles, and police cars were so great. Adam made sure that he got at least one or two pieces of candy from those who still threw them. (Everyone is currently on an "anti-obesity" rampage, so the candy throwers were far and few between. I don't think a couple of pieces of candy at a parade are going to make someone fat.) In the evening we went to a friends' home to watch the fireworks display. They also had a little girl, so it was fun to watch the three little ones interact with each other. Rosalie spent the first portion of our visit trying to kiss Tyler. So funny! On Sunday Stephanie and Stephan left their boy with us for the day while they went to a friends' wedding. We took Tyler to church with us and then to the Lilac Festival. It was funny the reaction we received at our church. There were two different people who approached us saying that they didn't know we had two kids. I told them we were just borrowing one for the day, to practice. Having two kids was easier than I thought it was going to be, probably due to Tyler's good behavior. Stephanie had made it out to be like he was going to be fussy and horrible. I wasn't too worried, but I mentally prepared myself. In all actuality, he hardly fussed at all and was the best baby at the Lilac Festival. I enjoyed having two kids for the day and I think my in-laws enjoyed it too, as we went to the festival with them. After spending time with thee baby, my mother-in-law made comments about wanting another grandbaby of her own... I told her we might have to go to China to find one. When we arrived back at home, our company had returned from the wedding and we spent another nice evening together. Sometimes I wish Stephanie and Stephan didn't live so far away... I really enjoyed our visit together and am looking forward to another one before too long!


Martha said...

Friends should never live too far away.

Rachel said...

How nice! I'm glad you guys had good weather for the weekend too.