Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Weekend in Jersey

*Josh and Tyler during our stop midway*
This past weekend, Josh and I went on a road trip. All by ourselves. I will admit to being slightly apprehensive about making the 5 1/2 hour drive to Philadelphia all by myself. But I put on my adventurous face and we left home just the two of us. Thankfully I have a friend who lives in between here and there, so we were able to break the trip into two chunks, stopping for lunch and a quick visit. (Thanks Steph!)

My friend Ashleigh and her family moved back to New Jersey right after we had graduated, about seven years ago. She's been back to NY a couple times to visit, but the only time I have ever been there was when she got married about 2 1/2 years ago. And although it was so nice to see her and her family then, it didn't make for a very good time to visit. So after seven years, I finally was able to get myself together enough to visit. And now that I've done it, I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. After all, it really only cost me a tank of gas to get there and back, and since I had someone to stay with, I didn't have the extra expense of a hotel. I'm already thinking of going back next year...

The original purpose of going to visit Ashleigh and her family was the annual Duffers for Davin golf tournament, which was to be held on Monday. That was the incentive for me to go. But Sunday was also Ashleigh's sister Bethany's birthday. Which was a total blast and a half. They made a slip n' slide which we spent most of the afternoon on. Josh's nap went out the window and he went down the slip n' slide instead of down to sleep. How could he sleep when we were having so much fun?!? And I think I am much too old to be sliding down a slip n' slide. My stomach hurts and I have bruises everywhere. Sticks and bumpy ground didn't help to much, but still, I am 24 not 14...

The golf tournament was fun too, but I was nervous that Josh would misbehave, especially since it would be such a long day. He surprised me though and was so well behaved. He played nicely with all the cousins and greeted the golfers when they came by the Putting Contest, where we were camped out. Josh loved all the golf carts and wanted to ride them, until he was actually offered a ride, then he chickened out. He's so funny. I really was so proud of him, because he was so well behaved.

Anywho, enjoy the following photos of our slippery day... Don't get too jealous. You could make one of your own, you know!*Kevin (Ashleigh's husband) trying the slip n' slide out*
*Josh giving it a go!*
*This is called a "people train", where we all hold hands and go down at once.*
*Bethany H., Myself, and Ashleigh~ Yeah, it was fun.**The whole lot of us. Are we too old for this stuff?*


Martha said...

You are not too old for a slip and slide. Enjoy it while you can and do it with your son. The day will come when you know better than to even consider it, but that day hasn't arrived.

So, did you stay with Ashleigh and Kevin then? I want to see more pictures. How did Josh like the drive. Did you sleep on the way?

Heather said...

We loved having you both visit!! I am so glad you made the adventurous trip!! I loved the way the slip and slide was the perfect thing for everyone from 2 to 44!!!