Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Language to Learn

I've been contemplating language today. Yesterday I went to the mall with a friend and stopped by the Rosetta Stone kiosk just for kicks. They allow you to "sample" their program right there, and I asked about Bahasa Indonesia. I was able to learn (and remember) a couple new words in just a few minutes, including "laki-laki" and "wanita" meaning boy and woman. I've heard great things about Rosetta Stone's program and have been tempted to purchase the Spanish program before. But now, since I am going to Indonesia and know only three (now five) words in their language, and since it's said that you can pick up a language very quickly using that program, I am very tempted to get it. There is now less than two months before I go... A quick overview of what I need to do before hand:
  • call Passport Health
  • get vaccinated/get malaria medicine
  • collect craft supplies and items to be donated to the centers that we visit
  • decide what sort of gifts I want to bring to my sponsor child and her family
  • learn more words
  • find out who I am staying with in LA the day before our flight leaves.
The last item I am really not sure what to do about, especially since one never knows what the weather will do in February. I purposely bought my ticket to LA for a day and a half early, in case the weather didn't cooperate. We know two people who live close to LA, but I'm not sure who I will end up staying with or if I'll even need to stay with anyone (depending on the weather). So I would appreciate your prayers these next two months. For peace, sanity, God's leading, wisdom, and that I wouldn't leave everything till the last minute, which I am known for. This causes me to have nervous breakdowns... Yoikes!


Kim said...

I also have looked into the Rosetta Stone approach to learning a new language. It is quite expensive. I heart that the library system carried it, so off I trodded to find out what I could. It seems that others found out about the free method of receiving Rosetta Stone, and they removed it from the public Libraries. They do, however, carry a very similar one, called Bikey. It is obtainable on line. My kids like it a lot. It has many more languages than we could ever hope to learn. Check it out. The price is right.

Martha said...

I love you!