Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30 Days To Go

JakartaThunderstorms75°F0 mph97%84°F76°F
SurabayaCloudy78°F4 mph WSW86%84°F77°F
MedanClear81°F6 mph WSW74%90°F75°F
BekasiThunderstorms75°F0 mph97%84°F76°F
BandungCloudy68°F0 mph96%79°F67°F

Oh. My. Word. I just realized that I have less than one month before I leave for Indonesia. My heart just started to beat a little faster. Really, I did "know" that I hit the one month mark yesterday, but I just now started to panic. How will I be ready? What does ready mean? What do I really have left to do? The Lord has totally provided me with someone to stay with in California, as I fly there a day and a half before we leave the country. You have no idea what kind of weight that is off my shoulders. I knew God would provide, but I was still concerned. My Mom's friend Wanda is willing to pick me up at the airport and drop me off before we leave. And she is letting me stay at her house. (And I have never really met her face to face before.) Praise the Lord for a willing heart! I am going to Passport Health on Friday, where I hopefully will not have to have many immunizations. Immunizations give me the "heebie-jeebies". I guess all that I really have left is to gather what I would like to bring my sponsor child, though she's hardly a child anymore. I'm not sure what she likes or what she needs and I suppose I should be praying about what I could bring that would bless her. Oh, and I need to find out what the weather is like in Indonesia this time of year. I guess that would be helpful. There, I just found out. It is humid and in the lower 80's. And raining, just like my dream the other night. But I am sure they don't all speak English like in my dream... Too bad. Ooo, I need to find a good Bahasa Indonesia dictionary. Oh dear... I wish I was more multi-lingual. :( The countdown begins. 30 days to go.

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