Monday, April 21, 2008

Feed Me!!!

Josh loves to eat. Anything and everything. If it's food, he wants it. My Mom has now even let him chew on saltines. I suppose that I did give him tiny bits of egg when we went out to breakfast yesterday, just to keep him quiet. He wasn't hungry, but when Josh saw our breakfasts, he just had to have some too. And he made sure everyone in the diner knew it. No wonder he's our little "Chunky Cheese".

By the way, in the middle photo, it was the first time he held his own bottle (at Grandma's house).


Country Blonde said...

Aww, he is getting so big.I guess josh knows that he must eat alot to grow up big,healthy and strong!!"Beware" if I get the chance I am going to call you later!! ;)

Shelly said...

Can't say as I blame him... I love to eat too! :)