Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weather to Whether

Lately he loves his toes. If I thought he knew about them before, it's without a doubt now. Josh is constantly reaching for his little feet and pulling them up where he can get a good look at them. Tasting them is always an option too. It's rather amusing.

This past weekend, we finally received the rain that April is known for. After many beautiful, summer-like days with no precipitation, the rain was a welcome reprieve. Not that I didn't fully enjoy the warm, sunny days. In fact, I relished them. But we needed the rain for the local farmers. I like my summer fruits just like anyone else and therefore will gladly take the rain once in a while. Today we are back to sunny skies, although it is a bit chilly out there. We will put on our coats and make sure we are wearing socks before leaving the house. Winter is having it's last battle of the season (we hope it's the last anyway). I heard a rumor of flurries(?) for tomorrow. But after such beautiful weather recently, I will not complain. It is a joy to me that spring is here and the snow will not get me down. Soon Josh and I will be back to taking out morning walk around the block. And Molly too.


Annie said...

Does your dad like to eat his toes too? ;-D

Martha said...

Indian socks.

If her dad likes to eat his toes, he's been keeping it a secret form me.

Bethany said...

Lol Annie! Mom, she says this because of the post about teeth :)

And the "Indian" socks are actually military socks... But they could pass as Indian socks.

Wanda said...

We use to always play this little piggy went to market with the toes.

Jessica Morris said...

I tagged you for something!!

I love toe-eating babies :) How are they to know it's not normal?! They (at least Judah...) always had us 'munching' on his little hands/toes/ears etc!! :)

Oh, and I haven't a clue how to recover stuff! Paul and I figured out the dining room chairs, but they really were easy. Paul did all the work for them. I don't know how I'd do this chair!!
If I figure it out then we can be buddies ;)