Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Favorite Game of Tag

The five things about me Meme

I was tagged by my blogger friend Jessica. Let's see how this goes :)

What I was doing ten years ago:

1. Struggling with Saxon 78 math.
2. Giggling with my close girl friends about our latest "crush". (blush)
3. Trying not to be the biggest dork in Sunday school.
4. Awkward and gawky.
5. Catching crayfish, frogs and any other living thing in the creek behind our house with my brothers.

5 things on my to-do list today (or tomorrow)

1. Clean the bathroom (ugh).
2. Wash more laundry.
3. Play with Josh.
4. Wash dishes.
5. Play in the dirt.

5 snacks I enjoy

1. cookies
2. muffins
3. apples
4. yogurt
5. cookies

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire: in no particular order!

1. Visit all my out-of-state relatives (CA, TX, NM, FL, MT, MN, NS, BC and Thailand)
2. Pay off all my bills!
3. Donate to a few missionary organizations or so.
4. Hire a housemaid for myself and my Mom, so we can go on day trips together, guilt free.
5. Buy Adam season tickets for the Sabres (and me too, so I can go with him) and pay for gas to get there.

5 bad habits

1. Finding faults and being judgmental.
2. Leaving dirty dishes in my sink all weekend.
3. Not leaving it be.
4. Sitting down when I should be doing something.
5. Not offering my help until it's too late (sorry Mom!).

5 places I've lived

1. The 200 block (till I turned 1).
2. 6216 "W", NY. In the village from age 1-15.
3. 3359 "W", NY. We moved to the "country", from age 15-20.
4. Adam and I got married and I moved to Webster, NY for 1 1/2 years.
5. We now live in "S", NY and have for 1 year and 2 days :)

5 jobs I’ve had

1. A super little farm market for two falls and one summer.
2. Dunkin Donuts- I was hired, worked one day and then quit.
3. Kohl's- 1 1/2 months
4. A garden/nursery center- 1 1/2 months
5. Waitressing at the best little diner in the world, three years and running...

5 People I'll tag

1. Stephanie
2. Annie
3. Tori
4. Josiah (my brother... it'll give him something to post about:)
5. My Mom, Martha


Rachel said...

What was with the Dunkin Donuts job? Why did you take the job, work for 1 day, and then quit? Did you eat too many donuts?

"Finding faults and being judgmental"? So, tell me all about myself please, I know I have many faults.

Martha said...

Am I allowed to "refresh" your memory? (MT is the abbreviation for Montana. I think you meant to write MN. And... The 200 block, that's where you lived. We moved from the 700's to have a bigger apartment.)

I'll play in the morning.

Bethany said...

I briefly forgot Jim moved to MN. I was thinking of my cousins who are moving to MT. I'll have to add Jim in too... I miss him :(

I didn't think I was right about the 700's, but after all, I was not quite one yet, so how am I to remember?

Dunkin Donuts... It was fun, but I felt a terrible unrest about it. So to give my heart peace, I quit. I wonder how my life would be different if I hadn't?

Aunt Rachel, you are very blonde and confused ;)

Country Blonde said...

I played Tag!!!Check it out.
I didn't know about the Dunkin Doughnuts or the Khols jobs.When were they?What did you think about Kohls?Why did you quit there?What would you think about a visit at the end of this month?I'm looking at May 23-26 area.

Jessica Morris said...

Haha - I love that playing in the dirt was on your to-do list!! Was that with your son, or gardening?! :)

Wanda said...

That was very informative and fun ~~ You are quite the interesting gal!

Bethany said...

Playing in the dirt = gardening. Not sure how much I got done though...