Thursday, April 10, 2008

When in a Pickle, You Better Hope it's Not Dill.

I hope you all have been enjoying watching Josh swim in the bathtub. He is quite the amazing little swimmer :)

Today was a crazy day. My morning was a typical morning- relaxed and rather slow. But at 11:45, I received a phone call from my boss who was in quite the tizzy. She was short one employee and had to be in the kitchen cooking, leaving no one to run the register out front. Desperate for help and feeling guilty for calling so short notice, she asked me to please come in to help and "Bring Joshua if you need to... Peter (her husband) will hold him for you." Josh was taking his nap at the time, but seeing as the general public doesn't want to wait for my baby to wake up to have lunch, I woke him and packed him into the car. We sped off to the restaurant to see if the two of us could save the day and get everyone out of the pickle they were in. Peter was more than willing to hold Josh for me while I helped the girls get back in order. He sang him little songs that went kinda like this, "Joshua, Joshua. Joshua, Joshua." Except sounding a bit more like a heavy Greek accent. Josh was behaving himself like a good little boy and everyone who saw him said he was so "beautiful". As his mother, I am rather biased, and readily agreed. Eventually we decided that I would get Josh's stroller from my car so Peter wouldn't have to hold him the entire time. While I was in the parking lot, I saw my Mom's van. She had been picking up Troy (the boy she babysits) from preschool, which happens to be next door to the restaurant. I was one grateful cookie when she agreed to switch vehicles with me and take Josh back to her house while I was at work. She is such a nice lady! Needless to say, I got almost zero housework or yard work done today because, after work, I went to my parent's house and stayed the afternoon and for supper. I am so glad to live close to my parents and for their willingness to help me out when I'm in a bind. So I take this moment to thank them for what nice parents they are. I love you Mom and Dad!

And on a side note, Happy belated birthday to my Father who is over 40, but not yet 50. I failed to put up a birthday post for him on the sixth because I was busy at a baby shower. Oups...


Rachel said...

What a sweetheart you are, and also a much valued employee! Mom's ARE wonderful...mine has helped me out when I was in a pickle too!

Little Josh is getting quite socialized!

Country Blonde said...

I am so glad that Joshua is such a good baby so you can do that kind of thing.I am sure that they were so thankful that you could come.
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Martha said...

It is obvious that your boss is more than just an employer. She is a friend too and that is one reason why you are so willing to help when she is "in a pickle".

We were happy to help out with Josh. He is a sweetheart.