Friday, April 03, 2009

Thursday 13

I'm here!!! For my Thursday Thirteen I will write thirteen things that I love or hate.

1) I love Adam.

2) I love kissing Josh.

3) I love that the grass is greener today than it was yesterday.

4) I love dirt. I love dirt when it is outside in my garden.

5) I love old people. The wrinklier the better.

6) Babies make me cry. I think that is because I love them.

7) I hate having the grumpies.

8) I hate being all alone for an extended period of time.

9) I love a clean house.

10) I hate dirty dishes that need washing.

11) I hate cleaning up dog pee, poop, or vomit.

12) I hate feeling neglectful of my blog.

13) I hate misspelling wurds.

14) I hate getting all my weekdays mixed up. ;)


Rachel said...

"The wrinklier the better"? Then you must really love me. Steven is always telling me how wrinkly I am. :)

Elena said...

Amen to number 8, amongst others.

Martha said...

Sometimes babies make me cry too. ;)

I love your list and I love Thursday Thirteen!

Rachel you are not near wrinkly enough to be "wrinklier".