Friday, February 19, 2010

Six Goals to Work Toward

So, I'm working on setting some goals and I hope to encourage you to keep me responsible. I have a small list of weekly/monthly goals to work towards.
  • Write two blogs a week. Mom I expect you to keep track of me.
  • Exercise twice a week. I delegate Aunt Priscilla to check in with me weekly to make sure I do so. (That's what you get when you suggest a 5K run.)
  • Learn five new Spanish words a week. So far I have learned one and I have two days left in this week. "Amistad" means friendship. I have enough Spanish-speaking friends to have them give me words to learn, but I may be somewhat on my own on this.
  • Read one new book each month. I think I'll start this in March.
  • I also want to take at least five photos of Josh each week. I don't think I've taken any decent photos of Josh in weeks.
  • Accomplish one task at home each week that generally goes undone for months. Like hanging photos or painting the stairway. Simple enough to do, but for some reason just doesn't happen.
This week the only thing I can check off so far is the "Write two blogs" goal. I can still learn four new words, take five photos and hang a photo. Maybe I can even start that book that has been lying on my bed stand for the past two months. I don't know about exercising though. I need REAL motivation to do that. It will be so much easier when the snow is gone for the season. But until then, I will have to drive to the gym. Yuck.

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priscilla jo said...

I'm not planning on starting to run until it is spring.