Saturday, March 13, 2010

I "Created A Table"

It was suggested, so I tried it. I'm not sure if we sat any longer than usual, but the pleasure of seeing such a presentation was obvious for all to see. I may not have many spectacular pieces, or even the properly matching sets. I am short one black mug and my only bowls are chipped and cheap. I'm not complaining or asking for replacements, but merely stating that a beautiful table is not necessarily matching pieces of china or extra fine glassware. I believe it is the arrangement of the settings, lit candles, place mats (whether colorful, plain or made from napkins), a tablecloth, and knowing that someone took the time to make your dinner special. The dinner guests were pleasantly surprised, my husband told me I was silly (in a loving kind of way) and the pleasure of going the extra mile was all mine. And Josh thought it was someone's birthday.

*See Jessica's blog for my inspiration*


Martha said...

I thought it was great how Josh wanted a napkin place mat to make his spot special too. It was a wonderful dinner and just beautiful too. I, personally, could use an attitude adjustment when it comes to suppertime. Most often I struggle just to get it on the table and never think to try and make it special. Thanks for the kick in the pants. (Now, I wonder if I could scrape together enough cash for Chines tonight?... Nah, probably not.)

Rachel said...

What a great idea! I don't think it was silly at all.
How cute that Josh thought it was someone's birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Bethy!! I loved your table display.Looks like fun.I just might try it when we have company for dinner.Would you like to come?