Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two by Two

This morning we found a Jehovah's Witness tract/church invitation stuck in our door. Almost immediately I began to feel guilty because they are doing a better job of sharing their beliefs with my neighborhood than I am. I have lived here for nearly three years, have met a handful of my neighbors and have shared Jesus with only three. My first instinct when Adam handed me the Jehovah's Witness's literature was to say that we needed to go out and share the gospel right away. But a hour later Adam was called to work and I was left home with cranky Josh. In Mark 6:7, Jesus sends out His disciples two by two and I am left here alone. So is it correct, Biblically speaking, for me to wait until I have another believer with me to go door to door in my neighborhood? I would feel safer that way, especially since I don't know all of my neighbors and having someone else with knowledge of the Bible would be wonderful... But I am kind of sad that I cannot go right away, while I feel the urge. Though, to be honest, sharing Jesus Christ with others makes me nervous too, but only because I am afraid of turning them off to my Savior or not saying the right things. *sigh* So, if you all could pray that I have good opportunities to share Jesus with my neighbors and friends, it would me much appreciated.


Tori said...

It's not bad to want support and it certainly is safer, however, I do ask you this... have you ever been converted to a JW by one of those tracks? They seem pretty unaffective to me. There certainly is a time and place to go door to door, but that's when you don't have any other time (ie in a foreign country or mission trip). Sharing your faith is far more affective if you build a relationship with people before you do so... invite those you haven't shared with over for dinner or to church with you. It'll be a much better result than randomly knocking at their door and quoting a bunch of scripture at them. Especially if they kinda already know you. Good luck! I'll be praying for you that God would open those doors!

Priscilla said...

I agree with Tori.