Friday, April 02, 2010

Wishing The Time Away and Wishing It Back Again

There are a million and one other things I could be doing at the moment, but instead I sit and eat a pbj sandwich, feeling sad and a little sorry. My bff's husband got a job on Tuesday. He starts next week. In Virginia. They are leaving tonight. Within a weeks time, they went from "just arrived back home from job-searching in Cali. for a month" to "he's got a job interview in VA" to "we're leaving this weekend". I'm not really sad for my "loss", but more for her and her family. The two of them got back from VA on Thursday morning (from the interview), are packing up today and leaving tonight. It's such a whirlwind and has left no time to even have a family dinner before they're gone. So I am sad. Sad that the good-byes are to be so rushed and sad that they are leaving so soon. I am sad that her Mom is sad. I am glad that he has a job and glad that he will be able to provide for himself and his wife. But sad that the job is so far away. Virginia does not sound close to me, no matter how I look at it. With the only exception being that it is closer than California. I wish there was one more week in March. And here I was wishing the month of March away just a few shorts days ago.


Joy said...

What a sweet tribute to your friend.

When I saw the picture of the two of you I thought she was Paris Hilton.
And you look like a younger version of Martha of Looking Up.

(I am not a PH fan, just saw her in the news constantly a few years ago.
but I am a Martha fan)


Rachel said...

Awww, I'm sorry that your good friend is moving away. :( At least you can visit them in Virginia pretty easily, and they can come home on occasion. California is so far away.

Priscilla said...

Virginia is very doable compared to California or Australia or western Canada!

It's hard seeing your best friend move away...and so suddenly.

Martha said...

Just think, you can visit two friends in one vacation to Virginia. Virginia is beautiful too. Does that help?

And hey! You look like me. (You lucky thing!)

Elena said...

:( It was so sudden... I'm still in denial.