Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm All Smiles

Earlier in the day, when I thought about going to see him, I thought I just might cry. But I didn't. Just pleased as punch, was I. He looks just like me.


Heather said...

Does he really look just like you?? That would be fantastic!! Congratulations again, Bethany Ann!

Rachel said...

Congratulations, Aunt Bethany! He's a cutie!

Martha said...

Trish did a great job on the photos!

"crusini"- how about that?

Jessica Morris said...

Dear lady - can you set up your account so I can email reply you when you comment. *ahem* just don't ask me how you do it. I just know you can :-p

I feel so random coming over here to leave a comment about coconut milk :)
But anyways, we use coconut milk in Green smoothies. And my mum left a comment saying she uses it in soup.

And I haven't tried half those things either - they just looked cool :) I used great restraint in not buying more stuff! I love different foods.