Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Trees or rather Trees and Babies

I wanna go see the new baby. Please, can we go see the new baby? I want to snuggle him and kiss his smooth baby cheeks. I want to hear him cry his little baby cry. Please??? (Adam says I'm obsessed with the baby and that it's not healthy. I think he's silly. Every woman is obsessed with babies.)

Yesterday we planted our apples trees. Yes, we bought apple trees. And pears trees too. Last Sunday we took a drive to the nursery and we bought an Empire, a Twenty-Ounce and a Honey Crisp apple tree and a Red Anjou Pear and a Bartlett. They are one year trees, so it will take them several years to bear any fruit. Hopefully we will stay in this house long enough to enjoy the fruit of our labor. I plan to espalier our trees, for two reasons. Maybe three. 1.) We have limited yard space. 2.) I would like the trees to actively function as a border/fence on the southern side of our yard. 3.) Just because it is possible and I would like to see if I can do it. I suppose I'll keep you updated. Maybe even with pictures.

Now I am off to make BLT's for supper and hope some more about seeing that new baby. Whose name is Simon Elias. *sigh*


Rachel said...

I love babies too! :)
I am dying to see little Simon.

Martha said...


James Austin said...

I think you may have to manually pollinate those kinds of trees. But I am not a farmer. Ask someone who knows.