Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Fever

There's seems to be the smell of a new baby brewing in the air... I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow morning in the hopes that I can meet our newest family member. My brother and my sister-in-law went to the hospital this evening. I can't wait...

I think I've been having baby fever lately. There are so many people I know either having babies or about to have a baby. I could count them on one hand, but then I would have to move on to the next. And then there is those having their second baby. Fine. I admit it. I'm slightly jealous. I've often wondered why God hasn't given us a second baby yet. We've wanted one for a while... I'm not upset and overly anxious about it, since I know God has everything in His hands and His timing is best. But when I was younger, I figured that I would be like my Mom. I always wanted a large family and since my brothers and sister and I were all basically two years apart, I thought that was how it would work for me too. I guess I am not quite the "cookie cutter shape" of my Mom that people think we are. Sometimes I wonder if it'll just be us and Josh. Sometimes I feel bad he has no one to play with but me. (I'm not really that much fun.) Sometimes I just want to smell a new baby. Now where is that new niece or nephew of mine???

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Kate said...

I have felt and thought the same thing - being like my mom and having children rapidly and repeatedly. *sigh* I'm so glad He's in control so I don't have to worry too much about it all.