Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finding the Missions Field

My friend Cindy and I have been hosting a Bible Club at my house this summer. Every Wednesday morning, my yard is open to the neighborhood kids to come for a Bible lesson, story, snack and craft. We get all ages, and anywhere from 2-7 kids. Sharing the Bible with these kids has been very eye opening, to say the least. Most of them know very little of any Bible stories and one boy admitted that his Mom said he was "going to church" when he came over for Bible Club. I know my heart has a "missions bent", but I don't need to go very far to get to the missions field. The missions field comes to me every Wednesday morning. Lord, here am I, send me.


Wanda said...

Oh Bethany ~~~ I love this. For years when we lived in Santa Barbara and I was a "home" mom, I had "Good News" clubs every wednesday after school on my front yard for the neighborhood kids.

We did songs, crafts, Bible stories back when we used Flannel Graft.... Those were wonderful days, and my children came to know the Lord personally.

Keep of the good work!

Martha said...

If you cannot be a missionary in your own home, where can you be?

Just let those kids know you love them and you will always have a mission field.

PS. I always loved Flannelgraph stories when I was a kid!

Heather said...

This is a great way to spend your Wednesdays!! I can't wait to hear how your goggly eyes work out!

Rachel said...

That's great! I loved the days that we had backyard Bible School and invited the neighbor kids to come.