Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot and Sticky Memories

It was Indonesia weather today. Hot, sticky, sweaty, humid, nearly 100 degrees... Brought back memories of sweaty kids singing, laughing, staring, hugging. Funny, that's not so different than the memories I have from today. Only the kids in todays' memories speak the same language as I do. If only I could remember to love my everyday kids the same as I did those far away kids. I mean, everyday kind of love, with hugs and kisses everyday. Like today, I loved them. But sometimes I am grouchy or don't want to hear screaming or fighting children. Sometimes I want quiet, well behaved, perfect children. It is those days when they are not that teach me.

Sigh... Anyways, this day brought me back to sitting in a crowded room, far, far away from my home with masses of children singing in a foreign language praises to Jesus, staring at the Americans, anxiously waiting for a reaction from one of us. Sweet, sweet memories.

Josh still is asking to go to Indonesia. Last night he asked his Daddy if he also wanted to go to Indonesia to see Viki (our newest sponsor child). I tell Josh to ask God if he wants to go. Maybe someday he really will, only God knows.


Wanda said...

How precious that you are letting Josh be involved in your love of missions. Thats the kind of seeds that grow.

My friend who has spent her adult life in Wycliffe translating the New Testament into Zapotec. When we were children, her parents always entertained Missionaries on break, so we heard the stories from childhood... it influence both of us to go into the Ministry.

Who knows where the Lord will leadd Josh someday.

Martha said...

An Indonesia day... Puts a rather positive spin on the day, doesn't it? Even without air conditioning.