Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thoughts After A Busy Week

It is ten o'clock at night, Veterans Day. I sit sipping my grape juice while I type. My husband is gone to his late night hockey game and won't be home until at least midnight. The house is basically quiet, with the exception of an occasional murmuring from my son, who fell asleep at 7, only to wake an hour later. I finally find time to record the happenings of the past week. But can I recall anything worth sharing? The days were packed. My mind was racing.There were so many things to do and so much to think about. An election, political discussions and thoughts of scripture kept my mind occupied, while preparations for my sister-in-law's baby shower kept my body racing. There were cookies to bake, cupcakes to frost and last minute shopping to be done. There were friends to persuade, convictions to defend and truths to be made known. One busy week is over and another has already begun. My time at home is filled with things that need my attention. Laundry, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, chasing Joshua... And what do I seem to be forgetting? Oh yes, the bathroom. And it has obviously been forgotten. Perhaps it will get cleaned tomorrow. I am considering, and praying about, cutting something out of my schedule. I am not sure if I can, though. This particular something is very important to me. Well, it's not actually the something. It's the someones who go along with it. I have mixed feelings. I feel that it is somewhere the Lord wants me. And sometimes like maybe the time He has had me there is drawing to a close. But I'm not ready yet. There is still work that needs to be done. It is like my little mission field, and I have yet to see any fruit from my labor. I know, I have not labored hard enough, but I want to redeem my lost time. You know how God sprinkles His children throughout the Earth and each of us has our own little group of people that we are to reach out to? I feel that I cannot cut this something out until there is someone else who can fill my spot. I guess, all I really know, is that somethings gotta give in this busy schedule of mine, and I don't want to sacrifice my home and family to the hectic life style I am currently leading. But I don't want to make any rash decisions, especially without taking the time to look to the Lord and really seek Him about His desire for our lives. He knows my every need and how I should, or shouldn't be spending my time. It's great that I can go to Him when I need answers. He is my faithful God and gives me strength in my weakness. Amen. :)


Martha said...

I will be praying for your decision. (I think it may affect my schedule too.) You must be sure that the open time slot will not be swallowed up by something or someone else who would love to have that bit of time too. You must learn to say "no" somewhere along the line or you will start dreaming the phone is ringing (like me) and then you will never get any sleep.

Martha said...

And you will never have any time to visit you mother.