Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bible Club

The second day of Bible Club was today. Last week we had 7 kids in attendance. This week we had two. I expected less this week, but was hoping for more than two. But we had great fun none-the-less, and the two who came are so positive and encouraging. (Kinda like K-love...) My friend Cindy has been doing the stories and she is doing such a good job. D and M made for a captive audience this morning and they were sure to go home and encourage their other siblings to come back next week. When there is such a variance in the number of kids attending, I am never sure how many to prepare for. This week I was ready for 10-15 kids, just in case all that had signed up really did come. I had to have craft and snack ready, and I guess I overdid it this week. I am not really bothered by the over-abundance of leftovers and I know Cindy and I enjoyed our morning with just M and D. I also know that God can use two simpletons like us to reach these kids with His love and salvation. I am excited for each opportunity He gives us. (Not calling you a simpleton Cindy! Only myself! Ha-ha!)


Heather said...

I was thinking of you and praying for your club this week. So glad two children came. I bet it made it very special for them!

clw said...

THANK YOU for the prayers, Heather! Pray for the kids to have courage to come.
: D ha ha Bethany - I will take no offense at the simpletons comment --I do prefer vessel, though, ha ha
We are having GREAT fun and I look forward to next week very much!!