Monday, July 05, 2010

A Camping Trip

*Hiking up Bald Mountain. Josh hiked all the way up
and half the way down before asking for a ride.*

We finally took Josh camping last weekend. He had been asking to go since April. One sunny April afternoon, while driving down the highway, something must've triggered a memory of camping. Because from that moment on, at least once weekly, Josh would ask to go camping. Last year, we had taken him up into the Adirondack's to Old Forge, and this year we returned, just one campsite over from the one we had last year. This year we had an addition to our camping party, as Adam had invited his friend Dave to come along. Dave brought his own tent and his own snacks, but other than that, did everything else with us. We did some hiking, some canoeing, mini-golfing, some cooking over the fire, some bear-hunting, and some hiding under a tarp. Yes, it rained a bit. But I'm not one to complain about the rain. It wasn't all that bad. The sun shone at least for a bit each day and our tent didn't wash away in the midnight torrential downpour. So all in all, other than me being in such a sour mood the whole time, it was a fine camping excursion. But next time, Adam is making the pancakes.*At the top of the Bald Mountain Fire Tower. Over 2, 350 ft up.*
*Dave attempting to get washed down the Moose River. I was so paranoid.*
*Mmm, mmm, good.*


Rachel said...

We love camping! We used to camp at Nick's Lake in Old Forge every summer with the Spechts and a few other couples (until about 3 yrs ago). We've climbed Bald mountain too. Kayaking down (Moose River?)with a group of friends is loads of fun as well. I don't think we have ever camped up there and not gotten rained on.

Priscilla said...

I'm jealous!