Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lace-up Boots

I am going to go on an investigational search. I need some new blog friends. Not that the current ones are dull or boring... But there isn't much happening here. Maybe I should really phrase it as "more blog friends". I don't like getting rid of the old, but I do like "new". Perhaps my new blog friends will comment more and ask more random questions... Really, I don't care if they have the same names as my old blog friends, just as long as they care to tune in once in a while. They will say things like, "Oh, what a fine purple bug that was!" or "When do you plan to visit South Carolina?" Perhaps they will be from some foreign country where everyone wears lace-up boots... I like lace-up boots. Check out this pair I found while searching for a photo of lace-up boots. Wow. Talk about boots! Well, I guess that is all I have to say for now.


Priscilla said...

Wow! That is one crazy lace up boot there for $535!

It 'ud be a mite bit 'ot to wear'm on a day like this un!

I think the way to get new blog friends is find a blog and start commenting.

Martha said...

Or join a meme like ABC Wednesday.

Keep leaving comment for others and gradually you will make new friends.

Or... do something astounding like adopt a dozen children. That usually gets noticed. :)

Martha said...

Or try this one.

Bethany said...

Funny thing... The pair in my post was more. It costs upwards of $730. Crazy eh?

Heather said...

Are you calling me boring Bethany Ann??;-) I do know what you mean. I have recently gone looking for a few new blogger friends since I have found myself blogging a bit more lately. I did find one new one!!

Heather said...

Bethany, I was very relieved to know that you were not calling me boring:-) I do lead a very exciting life, you know;-)