Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exerpts of Life

Some "clippets" of my life:

I have a sinus headache today. This doesn't happen very often, maybe twice before, and I don't like it. Maybe the sinus meds I just took will kick in soon.

We went for a hike/walk with my in-laws today and we lost Joanne, my mother-in-law. The guys found her after a half hour. She just wanted some extra exercise or something.

My brother Jim came home for the past week, but he left this morning. He stayed at our house and I felt like we hogged him. It was nice.

We had a campfire at our house last night with my family and some friends. We played croquet (my favorite yard game of all time) and bocce ball. Fun times. And s'mores.

I'm going to host a Backyard Bible Club this summer. It will start soon. I have no firm plans yet. Other than it is starting soon.

My current hearts' desire is to go to Indonesia on the next Compassion Sponsor Tour in February. My Compassion child asked me when I was coming to visit her. I already have me passport...

It is dinner time. Adam made dinner. I love him today.


Heather said...

When we lived in PA, we had a backyard club a few years. It was awesome!! You will love it! Are you doing all of the teaching yourself?

I am very glad you love Adam today;-)

Martha said...

"clippets" I like that word. And I'm glad you love Adam too.

Kate said...

I think it's great that you said, "I love him today". Because truth be told, that's how it really is.