Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Inspiring Crafty

I found a new favorite blog. She's crafty. I like her blog. It is inspiring. I have craftiness in there somewhere too. Once in a while it starts to come out. But not usually. I have ideas, but don't implement them. Perhaps my new favorite blog will bring out my craftiness. (I know I have craftiness because I'm related to my Grandmother and she is crafty too.) I think I will start being crafty by making the wall hangings for Joshua's room. I need your old magazines. Heap them up in a pile for me and I will collect them. You know, those magazines that you look through a few times and then recycle... Yeah, I want those. Those old, almost int he recycling bin magazines. Send 'em my way. They are going to become a wonderful wall hanging. Please.

Check out her blog. It is great.


Priscilla said...

Cool. I looked at her blog, but I couldn't find the wall hangings. I wanted to see them. Can you put up the link to that particular post?

I love her photography. I like her kitchen!

Bethany said...

The wall hangings are in my imagination only. :)