Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Today the snow just keeps coming. It came all day yesterday too, so now we have a lot of it. On a typical Tuesday and Thursday I drive out to my parents house and have supper with them. But after meeting my Mom at the library this morning, I think today is a good day to stay at home, snug and warm under a blanket or baking cookies in the kitchen. There is too much snow outside to feel to comfortable driving around, especially after it gets dark tonight. I thought that this sea gull needed a warmer place to sit than the library parking lot. Seems he should've been tucked away under a blanket somewhere too. Or at least he should've worn his scarf when he went out on such a snowy day :) If only Josh was a little older, we could spend the afternoon building snowmen and having a snowball fight. Don't worry, I'm not really rushing him to get big. I'm content to watch him sleep away the afternoon right now. But soon enough, he'll be out there in the snow like I was when I was a kid. My brothers and I would spend all afternoon making snow trails and digging tunnels into the snow banks. We might drag our plastic sleds up to the big hill in town and go sledding with our friends and neighbors. When we came home, a hot cup of chocolate finished off our adventure and warmed our cold bodies. That's when the snow was the best to enjoy. We didn't have to plow it or drive in it. All we had to do was enjoy it. Except for those times when we had to shovel the driveway. Somehow it wasn't as much fun when we were put to work out in the cold. But that's what kids are for, right?


Martha said...

"That's what kids are for." Why of course!

No building of snowmen today. It's much too cold for the snow to stick together. Its a good day for making trails and playing "Fox and Geese". And then for going in to drink hot cocoa and eat those cookies you mentioned.

Rachel said...

I tried to make a snowball to throw at Koty and it completely fell apart when it last my hands....too COLD!

I loved all those same things you mentioned about snow, what fun memories!