Monday, February 18, 2008

Lesson # 1: Keep Your Big Mouth Shut

Hello there blogging buddies! Today, as I sit and write, I find myself to have a renewed love for my smoothie maker. What a tasty treat I have before me. Pour in some juice, toss in some frozen fruit and a banana... And wallah! A lovely, healthy drink which tastes like dessert, but you can actually feel good about drinking!!! Yummm.

Okay, after that brief "commercial" I feel a bit silly, but I do love a good smoothie. (Thanks Barb!) Anyway, this past week was enjoyable, with it's typical ups and downs. The highlights of my week include, but are not limited to, Joshua cutting his very first tooth (at three and a half months), spending three days in row packing Valentine's boxes for last minute shoppers and a very nice post-Valentines Day dinner with my true love. Speaking of last minute shoppers, I learned a valuable lesson this past week. A wife should not try to encourage her husband to be more creative about Valentines Day by predicting what he will do. If I had not predicted that he would stop at Wegmans on the way home and pick up a silly card and a single rose, at least he would've stopped at Wegmans, bought a silly card and a rose and I would've been happy. Instead, he did nothing. Yes, we did go out to eat on Friday, but I was looking forward to that silly card. I just didn't want the left over rose. Ugh. Sometimes a wife should just keep her big mouth shut and be happy with what she has. Instead, I went to bed disappointed and ashamed that I tried to change my man and did so miserably at doing so.


Jessica Morris said...

This may sound weird, but this week I discovered that smoothies taste SO good with toasted walnuts added to them!!
(You can toast them in the oven beforehand, just let them cool down.) soooo good!

That is amazing he's already cut a tooth!!!

I think my belly is growing a lot faster this time around! I was 26 weeks before a stranger commented on my pregnant state - lots of people have noticed this time around, and I'm only 20 weeks! I love it :)

Martha said...

It is hard not to have expectations like that especially when newly married. (Maybe his mom should be the one to encourage him not to forget next time?) Dad and I did nothing either. Our week was somewhat thrown off mourning for our little dog. I really meant to make some heart shaped cookies and a card, but it never happened. :(

Wanda said...

I hate to tell you this, but even with the best husband in the world for 46 years...I have gone to bed disapointed many times.

Then I came up with a great idea. I buy my gift, and tell my husband what he got me!! It works for us because he hates to shop, and I love to give!! It's our personal joke now!!!!

Lots of Love...You have a great life ahead!!!!

Michelle said...

I ditto what Wanda said!!But have to admit that it would be nice to be surprised once in a while too!!

Rachel said...

It sounds like Josh is following in his Aunt Hannah's footsteps with the first tooth that early!

I'm sorry you went to bed "ashamed and disappointed", I'll bet you learned a lot though...we all learn those tough lessons.

Heather said...

Bethany, it's so hard because there are those "things" we would like to change in our men, but it just doesn't seem to work. I agree with Rachel, as hard as those lessons are, we do learn from them and thankfully our men still love us!

Shelly said...

We did nothing either.... well, I did get an e-card. haha!

Country Blonde said...

I'm sad to say that our husbands are very alike in this situation too.Stephen too didn't do anything special for valentines day except we went out to eat on monday.I thought that since it was our first valentines day being married that he would do something very romantic.When Stephen came to pick me up from school that day (since my car was broke down) I thought maybe he would bring flowers in,but no, then I thought that maybe they were at home, only to be disappointed again.Finally later that night I asked him "so where are my flowers?".He looked at me astonished and said "do you get flowers on valentines day too?"Like he never even thought of it.LOL needless to say I was not impressed!!