Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Purty Cold Out Thar

It is excessively cold here in NY. The wind is blowing and snow is drifting up in my back yard. Last Wednesday, we had freezing rain and it covered my car with at least a 1/4 inch of ice. My brother Ben and I had to chip it off with a metal spatula before we could go to the eye doctor on Thursday morning. My ice chipper had broken apart the last time we had an icy car, thus the use of the metal spatula. The freezing rain and wetness also left my backyard looking similar to an ice skating rink. The ground was pretty wet when it turned cold, so there is a nice layer of ice out there under the snow. When I walk across the yard, it goes "crunch, crunch", but with a hollow sounding echo to it. This evening we are expecting some lake-effect snow and the temperature is going to be around 6 degrees F, with a real feel of about -24 F. How do you like that? Thus the reason behind my hubby saying that he thought I should stay home from church this evening. -24 F feels pretty cold. And NJ just experienced a 70 F weekend. How do you like that?


Wanda said...

Old that looks so cold...burrrr.
Think I'll stay at home.

Martha said...

I think your hubby was right. Not good weather to go running about in. Besides, Isaac was the only one in the nursery.

Heather said...

Bethany, our 70 degrees didn't last long. Today was 11 degrees in the morning and the wind chill was 5 below, I think. The nice weather was great while it lasted, though!