Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Beautiful Boy Pictures

Molly will take care of Josh wherever he goes.
Cute little "eat your thumb" picture.Oh no , Josh! Don't do that!
I figured out what kind of lighting was best for my indoor shots. He's a real winner in this one!
Mom and Josh, hanging out on the floor.


Rachel said...

You have a very handsome boy there!qwwwwww32q1 (sorry, Koty just laid his face on my keyboard.) The pictures with Molly are cute...don't cha' wonder what they're thinking about each other when they're so close like that?

Martha said...

Very, very cute. I love the laying on the floor picture. Can't do that too much at Grandma's house. She has a very cold floor.

Wanda said...

How precious -- love how the dog loves the baby ~~ so sweet.

All the pictures are darling! :)

Heather said...

Molly is so adorable with Josh!

I love the second one from the bottom the best. The lighting looks great and he is just a beautiful boy. You are right!