Sunday, February 10, 2008


This week, I will be attempting to fast from my computer. Seeing as I cannot fast from food, and the computer is one of things I enjoy most, it is what I will fast from. Sometimes, I feel like I need to take a break from it and spend my time doing more productive things. (Like reading my Bible or praying for example.) So, this week, you may not be hearing from me too much. And if you do, shame on me. Now that I have announced my intentions, I expect you to hold me accountable.


Wanda said...

I think fasting from the computer would be much harder than food, especially for die hard bloggers like me.

I decided I won't fast from commenting on yours....So when you get back to your computer...I've said HI!!!

Heather said...

I hope you have a wonderful week filled with blessings!

Martha said...

No peeking!

Sherri said...

As I told your mom the wheels turn slow, after I read your comment I thought, I should see if Bethany has a blog too. Very interesting, fasting from the computer. I was just asking the Lord last night if
He wanted me to do something like that. That is why it is interesting! Maybe we'll have to talk about this...

Josh is so cute! I'm glad I get to see him in person too!


PS- Caleb says "hi!"

Valerie said...

We fasted from meat one week. That was no problem. The next week was sugar. I didn't mind desserts but I sure missed my coke! Computer, I just don't know!!!!!!!!!I admire you!