Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gardasil Vaccine: Think Twice!

My mind is reeling. I have spent the last two+ hours researching the Gardasil vaccine. Ugh. It's very brain-tiring. I hope you all do your research and get all the facts before vaccinating your children. Especially with a new vaccine that hasn't even finished it's third phase of safety tests. These informative sites have certainly motivated me to do more research on what I allow Joshua to be given. Not all doctors know all the facts. Especially insightful is the "judicialwatch" link.


These are just a few. When looking up information on this vaccine, many of the results on the first several pages were all good reports from "reputable" sources. But after sifting through more pages, I found quite a few not-so-glowing reports. These that I linked to were only a handful.

Please, I think it is quite urgent that we let our friends know that this is not a safe vaccine. There are very dangerous side affects that parents and young girls are not being told of. Paralysis, seizures, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, blood clots, extreme low blood pressure, and Syncopea (a temporary suspension of consciousness due to inadequate blood flow and lack of oxygen) to name a few of the more serious side affects. I didn't see any of these side affects listed with the CDC's evaluation of Gardasil vaccine. The CDC website says:

Safety of the HPV vaccine

This vaccine has been licensed by the FDA and approved by CDC as safe and effective. It was studied in thousands of females (ages 9 through 26 years) around the world and its safety continues to be monitored by CDC and the FDA. Studies have found no serious side effects. The most common side effect is soreness in the arm (where the shot is given). There have recently been some reports of fainting in teens after they got the vaccine. For this reason, it is recommended that patients wait in their doctor’s office for 15 minutes after getting the vaccine.

Why aren't they telling us the rest of the risks? If they won't tell, we need to!


Rachel said...

That is scary stuff! It angers me that our kids are being used as guinea pigs. You would think that by now they would've pulled this awful vaccine.

Martha said...

What frustrates me is that I was given informationon hepetitis A and varicella on the day Hannah was vaccinated but nothing on HPV. We put way to much faith in the "professionals" believing they are doing what is best and safe, but brush off the advice of mom and grandma. (Not you, but the public in general.)

Crystal said...

It's definitely scary stuff.

Michelle said...

I was shocked and outraged when they suggested my 11 yr old should get this vaccine at her annual check-up recently. I held off so that I could read more about it. Thanks Bethany for the info.

PS- I still have clothes for Josh. It's on my "to-do" list to get them to you!!