Monday, July 14, 2008

Water Baby

Josh loves his bath time. I love watching him during bath time. He has too much fun splashing and playing with his bath toys. He should've been a fish. I took him swimming at Aunt Rachel's house on Saturday and you should've seen him smile and laugh. He could've stayed in all day, if I hadn't been so chilly. I'm waiting for myself to get up enough gumption to blow up his little swimming pool, so he can play in it at home. He would really think that was neat.


Martha said...

I wim yike a wiff in na wawee!

Rachel said...

Martha- I had to read that out loud to understand what it said, and then I laughed out loud because it sounded so funny! You're too much!

He did enjoy swimming the other day...between all the face licks from Koty.