Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Sandy Saturday Evening

Finally, some respite from screaming and temper-tantrum throwing... Hopefully, after a nice nap, Josh will be "Mr. Happy Pants" again. Now I will tell you about the things that keep us busy these days.

Since last Friday, we have been dog sitting for some vacationing friends of ours. You may remember that Roxy stayed with us a few times over the last summer. Molly loves having her visit and I do too, because having a doggy friend over keeps Molly occupied so I can concentrate a little more on other things. Anyway, now that we have two dogs for the week, we have more inspiration to go fun places like the "beach". Saturday evening was Joshua's first trip to Sodus Point. Sodus Point is a historic hamlet on the shores of Lake Ontario with small cottages and big cottages alike. Boats can always be found in and around the bay and fishermen are almost never absent from the pier. We took Josh and the dogs for a walk across the sandy beach and then down toward the lighthouse on the end of the pier. I had found some old bread in the fridge at home, so I made it my plan to feed the ducks before heading back. While feeding the ducks, we spotted a mommy swan whose babies she had tucked up beneath her feathers riding on her back. I had never seen such a thing in person, so this was quite exciting for me. Even Adam found the mommy swan to be fascinating. I didn't get any good pictures because by the time we were feeding the ducks, the sun had started to set and it was too dark. So you'll have to enjoy these other photos we took while it was still light out.
Adam walking the dogs along the beach.

Josh was skeptical of the lake.

The water was very cold on our to

This is one of many similar looking summer cottage homes.

Molly and Roxy meet another dog on the pier.

The Sodus Point Lighthouse.

Homes line the Bay on nearly every side.

I took this photo because it reminded me of my blog friend, Jessica, calling her baby "Li'l Mo".

One of many boats that pass by the pier on their way in to dock.

Sunset on Lake Ontario.


Martha said...

Very nice pictures. We really do live in a beautiful place, don't we? Between Lake Ontario and all the Finger Lakes the cottage population must be astronomical! Maybe when I am old I'll just have a little cottage by the lake... or maybe I already do?

Rachel said...

It really is pretty! I love walks down by the water's edge!