Friday, July 25, 2008

Going Away

I am going on an "adventure" next week. My brother and sister-in-law head up the Junior High youth group at church and they are taking the kids to PA for a youth retreat. They had a couple kids sign up last minute, leaving themselves in need of another chaperone to go along. Dave called me and asked if there was any possibility that I could go. I was very hesitant and at first told him no, that I wouldn't be comfortable leaving Josh for so long. The retreat is from Monday- Thursday and I haven't ever left Josh overnight yet. But Adam encouraged me to go and said that he'll be fine with Josh. He even said that he'd enjoy the challenge. So I'm going along after all. As you can imagine, I'm rather nervous about leaving Josh for so long and I miss him already just thinking about it. I think being away from the little guy will be harder on me than on him. Adam will most likely fill the "Mommy Void" the best he can. Horrible as it may sound, I am actually looking forward to being away from Adam for a few days. Whenever we are apart for an extended period of time, we appreciate each other more. I think it does a couple good to miss one another :) Anyway, if you think of us next week, please say a little prayer for us. We always look forward to the Lord meeting us in a special way when we go on a retreat. It's kinda exciting to expect great things from our Savior. I hope to have lots of exciting pictures to share when we return.


Jessica Morris said...

Being away does make everything better when you're back together :)

Take a couple pictures of Josh along with you to look at - and to show off to the kids :)

You'll do great!!

Martha said...

You will have a great time being a kid again while Adam looks after the responsibilities (Wow that's a long looking word!) at home. I'll be up early to meet your little guy in the morning.