Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bible Story Time

Josh was running a mild fever last night and it was still hanging on this morning. I had been looking forward to church this morning, but not wanting to expose the other kids in Sunday School to any sickness, he and I stayed home this morning. Not going to church doesn't mean that we have to miss out on Bible story time though. Can you guess what story I told Josh this morning? He even sang the song that went along with it. Find the story and read it yourself in Luke chapter 19.

By the way, can anyone recommend a particular Bible story book for young kids? I don't want it to be too watered down, but understandable too. Any help would be appreciated.


Wanda said...

Oh Bethany.... I have loved "The Rhyme Bible" Published by Gold'n Honey Books ~ 1996. Author L.J. Sattgast. Wonderful watercolor illustrations by Toni Goffe.

Love reading the rhymes, using all my expression and fun voices. As the grandchilden got older they all wanted to be the reader. By that time they would imitate gramma's story voice.

I got mines years ago at Costco for $7.99, they are more like $15 or more at the Bible Book Stores. I don't know how much on line, or used

I guess you can tell I'm hooked on this. Used it a lot for my Sunday School class.

Martha said...

I that a "wee little man" there in that tree?

I have a Bible Story book here that you could check out. It's The Children's Illustrated Bible." I bought it to read to my other little "flowers" but haven't found myself delving into it much.

Rachel said...

Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he...

I hope Josh is feeling better now. We had lots of Children's Bibles, but I'm not sure I had a favorite one.

Priscilla said...

Love the illustration. I don't know what to suggest. We had several, but I was always looking for a more perfect one.

Anonymous said...

When I taught, my favorite with the kids was, the "Full armor of God". You can really get creative with that one! Hope Josh is feeling better! I also love your illustration:-)