Friday, June 24, 2011

A Big Kid Party

On Tuesday there was a party. It was a kid party. A big kid party. *To the tree, to the tree!* (I was having story time flashbacks. Guess what story?) See all those little graduates? Some had finished preschool, some kindergarten and some had spent the last year as "Boogie Babies" and are ready to move on into preschool this coming year. So yes, we made a lot of graduation hats. There was a graduation song, diplomas, and LOTS of kid games. Some children forgot how to stand nicely in line, but all children remembered how to play the candy hunt game. There were smiles and laughter and proud moms and dads. After all, who doesn't love a big dog... er, kid party?


Martha said...

Go, Kids, Go!

I see Josh was not one of the graduates... Guess that means he has another year of preschool... or two.

Wanda said...

How cute all standing in a row... What a proud day!