Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time for a Baby Squeeze

Wednesday was my day off and though I would usually spend it trying to catch upon housework, this past Wednesday was not to be spent that way. My good friend Stephanie had had her second baby in April and I had still not been to visit. I needed to go have some baby time. So Josh and I made the two-hour drive to see baby Olivia and her big brother Tyler. We arrived just after 11:30 and Josh got right to work playing with Tyler, who turned two in May. I peeked at the baby and had a very nice visit with Stephanie, in spite of it being laundry day. (I need to invite someone over on laundry day. Then maybe my laundry would actually get folded!) We spent about five hours visiting and Josh and I left in time to eat a late dinner at home. I know I always say this, but even though we live two hours away, it's no excuse to not get together more often! I hadn't been down to see Steph since last August and that is too long. We'll have to make a point of seeing each other at least every other month. Don't you think so Stephanie?


Martha said...

She looks like Stephanie and a baby doll too. Too cute.

Wanda said...

What a perfect day trip. The baby is darling.

I visited my daughter (15 min. away) the other day, and we folded clothes together...I like that.

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! I had such a nice time. Wish you lived closer. :(