Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lord, Help My Unbelief!

Tomorrow I am running a Compassion "event" at church. I was given permission to have a table with child packets and information about sponsoring children through Compassion International. When I registered with Compassion, I was asked how many people go to my church and I put down 301-500. I received my box of information last week and was overwhelmed with the number of child packets they sent me. (Child packets are children waiting for sponsors.) There were 30 packets from all over the world, each little face staring at me from the page. I think my heart started pounding a little faster and a little harder as my nerves wound tight... "How am I supposed to find sponsors for so many kids?" Forgive me Lord, for thinking it is my responsibility, for forgetting that is You who provides, who draws hearts and holds all things in Your hands. I am just the facilitator. Where is my faith? A friend who prayed with me over these kids the other day, prayed that there would not be enough child packets to supply the demand come Sunday after church. I need more faith like that. Would you pray with me over these 30 kids, that the Lord would provide for them, and maybe that they could be sponsored tomorrow? Would the Lord open your heart to them as well?


Anonymous said...

How did it go? I prayed .... Cindy and did you get my other message?

Martha said...

Now I am here to find out how it went tonight. And, I'm waiting to see which child the Lord had chosen for me. :)