Thursday, July 13, 2006

Eliza Jane

Yesterday Elisabeth came over. She is my good friend. This blog is dedicated to her... Now I shall name thirteen things about her because it is Thursday.

1) I met Elisabeth at the homeschool gym night when I was 10 and she was nine.

2) The first thing I said to her was "Um, your fly's undone..."

3) She invited me to her 10th birthday party.

4) One of our favorite games used to be "push each other in the snowbank" or "push each other off the picnic bench."

5) We always used to get together for birthdays.

6) Once, Liz got me a beanie-baby snake for my birthday.

7) I used to call her "Eliza Jane."

8) We liked to bake and decorate cakes together when we were younger.

9) We drifted when we got older, but then started hanging out more often again later.

10) Liz always liked cats. But the neighborhood dogs were a pain.

11) She was one of my best bridesmaids.

12) And is one of my best friends.

13) There is no one quite like Liz. She's a special! And she's good at playing Snood too.


Rachel said...


It's nice to have a good friend.

Martha said...

Who was the queen of Siam?

Soccer. homeschool soccer, can't forget that one!

Remember when Elisabeth and Carissa stayed overnight and we watched Anne of Green Gables? She was absolutely silly that night.

"hbzds"- Hbzds love your wives.

Shelly said...

I used to love snood! But, I wouldn't say I was very good at it...

Bethany said...

Ah, yes, Anne of Green Gables. I was Anne, she was Diana and Carissa was... um... that other girl... Elsie Pie? Or sumpin like that.

The Queen of Siam... She was Royalty..

So many good memories!

Bethany said...

Shelly, you ought to try reading "Ellie Mae Clampett Rides Again" one more time. You know the Clampetts are from the Beverly Hillbillies... Thier car looked just like the one in the story... if that helps at all.

Priscilla said...

What is snood?

Bethany said...

Snood is a silly game where you shoot little snoods at the snood puzzle to knock snoods off. And you have to beat the danger bar... Hard to explain, fun to play, and a waste of time.